Elf had me looking cute (Feb 2003)

Peacemakers I got to go back in time (Dec 2002)

Mia Farrow and I on the set of The Secret Life of Zoey. I was her stand-in and photo double (May-June 2002)

Phil LaMarr and myself on the set of
Speaking of Sex (July 2000)

Fourth Headshot

Fourth Stunt Headshot

Second Headshot

Scary Movie 3 I was not as cute (June 2003)

Anthrax killed off my character (July 2000)

Melora Walters and I on the set of Speaking of Sex I was her stand-in (May-July 2000)

Rat Race director Jerry Zucker and I at the wrap party (Sept 2000)

Third 'Fun' Headshot

Third Headshot

First Headshot

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