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Teamsters 362

Transport - Office Dispatcher
The SolutreanAlberta Unit ShootStudio 8 / Albert Hughes
Lewis & Clark Mini-SeriesRun of ShowHBO / John Curran
The RevenantRun of ShowNew Regency / Alejandro G. Inarritu
Electrics - Lamp Op
Hell on Wheels - Season 4Run of ShowAMC / Various
Fargo - Season 1 (2nd Unit)Day CallFX / Various
Hell on Wheels - Season 3Run of ShowAMC / Various
Set Dec
KlondikeDay CallDiscovery Channel / Simon Cellan Jones
Hell on Wheels - Season 3Day CallAMC / Various
Hell on Wheels - Season 2Day CallAMC / Various
2nd Assistant Director
Pet Heroes - Season 2Episodes 21-24Corkscrew Media / Various
3rd Assistant Director
Love MeRun of ShowAircraft Pictures / Rick Bota
Hell on Wheels - Season 1Run of ShowAMC / Various
Dear SantaRun of ShowNomadic Pictures / Jason Priestley
Trainee Assistant Director
On The RoadCanadian Unit ShootMK2 Productions / Walter Salles
2nd Assistant Accountant
InceptionCanadian Unit ShootWarner Bros / Christopher Nolan
Northern LightsRun of ShowLifetime Television / Mike Robe
High NoonRun of ShowLifetime Television / Peter Markle
Blinde LiebeRun of ShowVideoscope / Michael Keusch
Umwege ins GluckRun of ShowVideoscope / Michael Keusch
Prufung des HerzensRun of ShowVideoscope / Stefan Bartman
Gipfel der LiebeRun of ShowVideoscope / Stefan Bartman
Fluss der LiebeRun of ShowVideoscope / Oliver Dommenget
Ritt ins GluckRun of ShowVideoscope / Oliver Dommenget
Accounting Clerk
Big CityRun of ShowNomadic Pictures / Djamel Bensalah
Assassination of Jesse James...Run of ShowWarner Bros / Andrew Dominik
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (TV) - Season 3RegularDisney / Various
Bury My Heart at Wounded KneePrep Day CallHBO / Yves Simoneau
Production Assistant
Pet Heroes - Season 1Set PA - Day CallCorkscrew Media / Various
Hell on Wheels - PilotSet PA AMC / David Von Ancken
The 19th WifeSet PA Sony / Rod Holcomb
BloodsuckersLocations PA Sci-Fi Channel / Matthew Hastings
Blade TrinityLocations PA (2nd Unit)New Line Cinema / Vic Armstrong
Romeo - Season 1Locations PAPieces Productions / Various
Scary Movie 3Locations PAMiramax / David Zucker
Smallville - Seasons 2 - 4Locations PAWarner Bros. / Various
My Guide to Becoming a Rock StarLocations PAWarner Bros. / Rodman Flender
Halloween ResurrectionLocations PAMiramax / Rick Rosenthal
Strange FrequencyLocations PAViacom Productions / Various
Silicon Follies (Pilot) Locations PAC.I. Productions / Betty Thomas
Liberty Stands StillLocations PALions Gate Films / Kari Skogland
I Was a Teenage FaustLocations PAShowtime/ Thomas Eberhardt
Hellraiser: HellseekerLocations PAMiramax / Rick Bota
Beyond BeliefLocations PAFox / Various
Exit WoundsLocations PA (2nd Unit)Warner Brothers / David Ellis
Rat RaceSet PA (2nd Unit)Paramount / Mickey Gilbert
Rat RaceLocations PAParamount / Jerry Zucker
Caitlin's WayLocations PAFireworks Entertainment / Various
For All TimeLocations PA CBS / Steven Schachter
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (TV) - Season 2 & 3Locations PADisney / Various
The Virginian (TV)Locations PA TNT / Bill Pullman
Texas RangersProduction Office PA Miramax / Steve Miner
The Sheldon Kennedy StoryLocations & Set PASKS Productions / Norma Bailey
You Know My NameLocations PATNT / John Kent Harrison

Samsung - Keep on Pushing Trailer(2013)Casting & Electrics 6 Degrees / Unknown
Ford (2013)Casting 6 Degrees / Unknown
ATB - Potpourri (2013)ElectricsCorkscrew Media / Unknown
ATB - Nicknames (2013)ElectricsCorkscrew Media / Unknown
Mitsubishi - World Record (2011)Set PA Unknown / Unknown
Busch Beer (1999)PA / Driver Atlas Pictures / Toby Phillips

Banff CentreAlberta 3D Ready
Mount Royal CollegeSet Etiquette and Protocol
W.T. Safety Truck Driving SchoolFlag Person TrainingKevin Agar

Flag Person Set Lock Up Location Prep & Wrap
Extras Wrangler Accounting (EP Vista, Cast&Crew PSL3)

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